Learning to Sew Adventure

I recently started learning to sew, with the hopes of one day being able to make all of my own clothing. This page documents some of my progress! If you also are into sewing and have some tips or just want a sewing pen pal feel free to reach out at by email to: get at yomills.com!


A collection of pillows


close up of shorts showing stitching and pocket details posed picture of blue shorts posed picture of blue shorts

Tank Top!

posed picture of a red and blue striped tank top


posed picture of light gray sweatpants

this second pair is an attempt at a more fitted cut:

posed picture of light gray sweatpants posed picture of blue sweatpants

this pair is a new pattern, different type of pocket, and cuffs!

posed picture black and red speckled sweatpants


picture of maroon sweatpants on a bed next to a cat


These I'm super hyped with. I love the pattern, they are super soft, and I managed to slim down my pattern to get a much nicer fit!

picture of rose printed pants


posed picture of peach t-shirt posed picture of red and blue striped t-shirt posed picture of gray t-shirt

This is a raglan t-shirt, also known as a "baseball tee", lots of mistakes made on this one lol

posed picture of dark blue raglan t-shirt


This ended up waaaay to big but I love it all the same!♥️

psoed picture of jumbo sized hooded sweatshirt

Take two was much better! I managed to size down the pattern successfully!

psoed picture of red hooded sweatshirt